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    This is the Restless and Wandering blog. If you have ever been sitting at your desk wondering why the hell your staring at a screen when you should be gazing at a white sand beach this is the blog for you. I will do my best to share some of my stories along with valuable tips and tricks to take great photos, travel more effectively and have better travel experiences! 


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    10 second Travel Photography Tips

    This one might seem obvious but it’s the one I see people (and myself) get wrong most often. We try to be prepared for everything little thing with 50lbs of gear. Then we end up with so many choices we get bogged down in deciding which lens to use we miss the shot. I challenge you to go somewhere near you with JUST your camera and one lens. It will force you to think outside the box to get a worthwhile shot. Keep pushing yourself and seeing the angles no one else sees will be second nature when your halfway around the world and it matters most. If you want to really enjoy your trip/vacation/adventure carry a lighter bag.

    Really buy 2 of the biggest memory cards you can afford. If your camera can take dual memory cards buy 3. Ok so let me put it this way. You just took the best photo of your life. But you still have 6 hours of daylight left to continue exploring. In that time your camera loses it’s mind and formats your memory cards. Instead of having a meltdown because I just lost that incredible photo I would have swapped that memory card out with a fresh one. In my Sony A7R iii I have my main card backing up to the second card and I swap out the main card as needed while backing up to the second card all day.

    Take every piece of camera gear you own and put it in your camera bag/back pack. Next add a jacket, a bottle of water, your keys, really stuff that thing until its hard to zip closed. We are looking for a worst case scenario/ fully loaded test. Put it on and go for a walk. Set a 30 min timer and walk to the end of your street and back or go around the block. If all you can think about is getting your bag off your body its the wrong one. Your bag should not pinch, bind, pull or strain you during that walk. I recommend taking advantage of 30 day return policies and trying a huge number of bags until you find the perfect on. Everyone’s shoulders, back and chest are going to be different and you need to find a bag that forms to your shape. Your bag should sit snugly to your back without binding across the chest or shoulders. The weight should be evenly distributed over your shoulders and the straps. Once you find your bag you will notice how much more you enjoy taking your gear with you. PRO TIP!!! Once you find the perfect bag watch it online like a hawk, I promise you your bag will break as soon as the company stops making it. When it goes on clearance get one or two backups.  

    A few years ago an external battery for charging your phone was a novelty, these days they are $5 in the checkout line. I do not recommend those small ones but just having a good one with a relatively high capacity (10,000mAh or more). I paid up for a really great battery that has a 120v wall outlet on it so that I can charge anything in the field. I also always carry some decently long cables that reach from my backpack to my pockets so I can comfortably charge my gizmos without having to stop. I will usually have a cable for my phone run from my bag to one of my shoulder straps or my back pocket. 

    When you travel it is always good to have a plan. You spent a bunch of money getting somewhere it is generally a good idea to know about the place and what you want to do with your limited time there. So take some time before your trip and plan out what you want to see. I usually book a trip a year or more in advance and will add one thing a month leading up to it, that I really want to experience when I get there. This gives me a hit list for when I land and keeps me excited all in one. At the same time you want to leave yourself enough room to be spontaneous. Have something to do each day but just ONE thing. Then if you meet some cool fellow Wanderers who tell you about this amazing thing you have never heard of that will totally blow your mind to the moon and back, you have the freedom to do it.