Travel Photography is all about the Angles.

Travel Photography is all about the Angles.

If I dropped you in front of an incredible location could you spot the good photos within it? What about a fairly mundane scene, could you still create an engaging photo? Look at your Instagram feed or wherever you take in photos. Look at photos you like and really look at them. Put on your photographer glasses and start analyzing the work your really like. What makes it engaging to you? Where did they stand to get that unique shot? How did they use the lines of the scene to draw your eye to what they wanted you to see? 

Take a look at the following three images. They are all of the exact same simple scene on a random side of a road stop in Iceland. Which one is the is the most pleasing/ engaging/ interesting? 


YOU CHOSE THE LAST ONE DIDN’T YOU!? Don’t worry, I am psychic and I promise to only use these powers for good. Honestly though why did you chose the last one. The first one is what most people would snap on their phone when the pull off and step out of their car. The second is something you might try if your feeling a little creative. Would you belly up to that gate, stick your camera right against it and use it to frame those beautiful stairs though? This is what will set your travel photography apart from others, a unique angle. Try and see the scene as everyone walking by or driving up would see it and challenge yourself to see what they cannot. Is there a unique element that you can use to frame your subject? In this case I used the gate to frame the stairs and fill some of the blank negative space that the clouds created. The lines of the gate lead you to the base of the stairs which lead you back into the image. 


This will only take a couple moments so don’t fall off now. Take out your phone. Open your camera app. Put your phone on the ground next to your feet and snap a photo. You just took your first unique photo! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

 Now stand up and look around whatever room you are in wherever that is. Look for a unique angle and photograph it. Take 2 minutes and do this now! If you are in your home get down on the ground and see it from a different perspective. If you are in public look for something that no one else sees and snap a photo. If you take part in this challenge post your images in the comments here, on facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #RAWangles lets see what you come up with!

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